HarrysMod Mission Mode: Week 4 - Birthday Bash

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Hello all! It’s time to celebrate HarrysMod’s 2nd birthday! Here at Mission Mode we’ve made a few changes for the event. These will be around till the Birthday event ends.

  • There is a 4th mission each week. Entering this one puts you into an Exotic giveaway.
  • Mission 3 only contains one possible mission each week. These will all be based around new maps after the 1st week (including Terrortrain).
  • Missions 1-3 each week now give 10k scrap in total! Perfect for using for the new things introduced.

For those not in the know, here’s the initial post: Raptor’s Mission Mode: Announcement Post.

Last weeks rewards will be dealt with in time.

This Week’s Missions

Mission 1: “Be Free!” - Throw a body out of bounds. (Screenshot must show body out of bounds)

Mission 2: “Annoying the Fuck out of Raptor” - Annoy me by messing up my name. The stupider the better. (You just need to screenshot you writing my name wrong on-server).

Mission 3: Any map - “Long Live the King” - Hold a body over an edge. (Examples: edge of a roof, over a cliff, off the edge of Terrortrain)

MISSION 4: “You Ruined my Cake!” - Stand on a birthday cake while someone looks at you.

Mission Rewards

Mission 1: 3000 scrap
Mission 2: 3500 scrap
Mission 3: 3500 scrap
Mission 4: Exotic Giveaway Week 1


Complete Mission 4 to be entered. The winners will be picked randomly from the eligible candidates. There will be 3 winners. The winners can choose from 1 of the following Exotics:

  • Tranq Rifle
  • Super Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • Quad Berretas




Mission 1&2:

Me as the Photographer and the corpse next to Rhys
Rhys as the corpse and poor soul who had to endure me mutilating his name

Mission 3:

Me as the holder of a random corpse I picked up from the ground

Mission 4:

Me as the one standing on the “Cake”
Papi Pankuh & Whip and nae nae as spectators for this sinful act

All missions completed.

Mission One done:

Person who helped: ManeGunner6
His steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49400117

Mission Two Done:

Mission 3 Done:

Mission 4 done:


Credits to ManeGunner6 for taking the screen shot and EnglishMuffin for helping to
(Its me standing on the cake)

Mission 2 done

Mission 3 done with ban idk


Mission 1 done

Credits goes to Whip And Nae Nae

Mission 4 done with snooch

All misions done :slight_smile:
Mission 3:

Mission 1:

Mission 2:

Mission 4:

Missions 1-4

also don’t forget me and llama did the cake in game

there is a body blob there. it cannot be reached due to the invisible wall

With Smol Shouta <3