HarrysMod Mission Mode: Week 6 - Insert had a shower fuck off

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Insert is still kinda running it this week but I’m not gving him the chance to edit this lololol. He made this weeks missions as well.

Insert’s thing from last week:

  1. Missions may be posted below as a reply or as a PM to me.
  2. Rhys is not in charge so dont send it to him as he is away and your entry may not be counted
  3. You entry will be vlaid unless i say otherwise
  • There is a 4th mission each week. Entering this one puts you into an Exotic giveaway.
  • Mission 3 only contains one possible mission each week. These will all be based around new maps after the 1st week (including Terrortrain).
  • Missions 1-3 each week now give 10k scrap in total! Perfect for using for the new things introduced.

For those not in the know, here’s the initial post: Raptor’s Mission Mode: Announcement Post.

Last weeks rewards will be dealt with in time.

This Week’s Missions

Mission 1: “MEEEEEDIIIIIC?” - Try save a dead by putting it next to a health station (it works i swear)

Mission 2: MC_Manor - “Human aquarium” - get 3 bodies in the water trap (does not need to be active)

Mission 3: Roy_the_ship - “Refund Unavailable - Throw an incendiary grenade to the car in the shipping container

MISSION 4 : “#blameraptor” - Take a picture of a cake out of bounds

Mission Rewards

Mission 1: 3000 scrap
Mission 2: 3500 scrap
Mission 3: 3500 scrap
Mission 4: Exotic Giveaway Week 3


Complete Mission 4 to be entered. The winners will be picked randomly from the eligible candidates. There will be 3 winners. The winners can choose from 1 of the following Exotics:

  • M3 Garand
  • Panic Pump
  • Warlord
  • Vampiric Deagle

Insert is a cunt


indeed he is

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Insert is a cu-
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#BringBack #BlameMeme

More tanks
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No m4
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Mission 1

Misson 2

Misson 3

Mission 4

Fun event, Thanks for putting it together.

MISSION 4: so close but so far https://imgur.com/a/xBMww8R


Im just gonna take a break from doing missions, kinda… well to lazy

its funny because lazy XD XD XD

(body incomplete etc)