HarrysModded- Beta test

Hello all,

Some of you probably saw me discussing this a few days ago in Discord, we’ve decided to put together a modded server!

Seriously? What the fuck

We have the capacity to run another server without costing us anything, so thought it would be interesting. Plus, addons can be fun!

Okay, so tell me what the deal is

  • Server has a fully-functional autoDL for the addons
  • No playermodels (and never will be)
  • Main inventory with all the usual stuff (including vessel progression)
  • A different map pool
  • Seasonal (in line with events) addons
  • T and D weapons, picked to be in line with the HarrysMod quality you’ve all grown to love

Okay, so when?

We are doing a VIP-accessible test on Saturday 30th July from 4pm UK time. I will post the password in #VIP during this period.

But I’m not VIP, so when do I get to play?

If all goes well, we’ll make the server live a few days after. An update will appear when the server is ready to go.



Shrek canon
workshop link when?


there won’t be a link, everything downloads on join

Just thought it’d be wise to download it ahead of time

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awww no playermodels

Pls make vessels not take 200 kills thanks daddyman


Finally a contender for genesis :eyes:

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Lol good joke bro

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this is fantastic

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now i have an actuall reason to stay in discord for a few days bruh

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Official launch this weekend - stay tuned…

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