HarrysModded - Launch

Hello All,

Today’s the day we launch ‘HarrysModded’ fully - as of now the password has been removed and final tweaks have been made.

what are you on about?

Check out my previous announcement here HarrysModded- Beta test

What have you changed?

  • Tickrate returned to normal
  • Removed addon that started appearing in lootboxes (lmfao)
  • Made hats actually work
  • Tidied up some lazy work
  • Added D weapons
  • Fixed Waterworld
  • Detective starts with 2 credits now
  • Fixed mapvote
  • Sorted map pool - significant differences to standard main

Nice, but what if I want to suggest something?

Check out the new #modded-suggestions channel in our discord!

Seasonal addons, what’s that about?

So, in line with our established events (Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter), I will add related T/D items for the duration of the event. I have Christmas and Halloween already in-mind.

Where is it?

You can find it in the server browser, under ‘HarrysModded’ or connect with the IP: connect (pop that in console) or click here: steam://connect/

Comments/complaints/insults welcomed below as always




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10/10 extra helper abuse coming

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When I get internet im looking forward to seeing it

I hope you guys know that launching without licence can get you fined + can disrupt air traffic and/or birds.

If you launch without it Iwould suggest a open field or a desert with no buildings in the area.

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