HarrysModMC pack mod suggestions

The modpack is coming together now, i thought it would be a good idea to put any mods that havent already been added that you would like to be added in this thread where they are easy to find. Please make sure there is a version for 1.12.2.I would also suggest only suggesting lighter mods be added at this stage things like addons for mods, inventory stuff, mods with small amounts of items etc…

Controlling Allows you to search for controls in the key bind menu https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/controlling

FTB lib and FTB utilities - adds chunk claiming, a friends system and backups



Immersive intergration- an addon for immersive engineering that helps it interact with other mods and adds a few more machines

Yabba - adds barrels, very useful
http://www.9minecraft.net/yabba-mod/ (this also needs ftblib)

Iron Chest - Better Chests in the early stages

Ender storage - Adds cross dimensional storage chests and tanks
https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/codechicken-lib-1-8 (needed for enderstorage)

BlockCraftery - carpenters blocks for 1.12.2

Chisel Mod - more designs to build with
https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ctm (needed for chisel)

I looked through the other post these are the notable ones that i thought should be added


ngl chisel and ender storage is good also GET RID OF PAMS ITS CANCER also YABBA more like YMCA also giga barrels of forever storage are pretty good

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chisel epic, pams very epic shut up,
i still believe open modular turrets are good becuase they keep out muffin
either way, very epic my dude

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Yeah fuck pams
But install a garlic bread mod if it gets removed!

Id suggest:
a Turret mod (Modular Turrets is the name of a good one i think)
Security Craft (loooooots of protection, eg keycards, save doors etc)
Lucky Blocks (GamblingAddiction.exe)
Pocket dimension (allows you to craft a pocket dimension, wich is basically a transportable and enterable room)

Sorry for no links, but I think you’ll find them quite easily!

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i think ive said before but just incase, you cant add luckyblocks to modpacks anymore, something to do with australian copyright law. chance cubes is added which is just as good imo

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Well chance cubes it is i guess, probably the same anyways

Is there a chance marriage mod gets added?

no one will ever love you including in an mc server

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This is the mod that allows marriage to players and added NPCs, it’s honestly pretty fun, you can procreate with it as well and make yourself a King

We definitely need NuclearCraft added as well, it’s a good reactor mod which will allow for creation of huge amounts of power - important for if you want a really cool space-station especially if we all decided to make a community space station like in Crackpack


hope we get that fucking vending machine mod, makes a community market a lot easier to make.

also still want embers for my fancy af armour

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I forget what it is called but the computer expansion mod which adds the 16000k storage component would be cool, because it has better wireless terminals and stuff like that >:)
[edit] https://ftbwiki.org/Extra_Cells
Its extra cells
[another edit] Blacklisting the Certus Quartz Tank would be recommended, since in mythic that caused a lot of fps issues, so I assume it wasn’t too great on the server as well.

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which one of you dumb cunts thought to put chance cubes in, “yes lets just have this item that if someone gets 27 of them they can ruin an entire persons base claimed or not”

chance cubes can ruin the server within a few hours get rid of it fast. it can literally let people skip entire processes

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or fill your inventory with dead bushes
rather irritating

It can even put a chunk upside down (bedrock also gets moved)

I added chance cubes bc fuck it

Also thanks for all the suggestions here, I’m looking to finish the pack this weekend.


I might be a late but I suggest astral sorcery and MrCrayFish furniture mod and maybe his device model too

Edit: Maybe villagers come to life mod and I know it is a big mod but if you could maybe the galaticraft mod and also tinkers construct anyway that is my super late list

MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod is already in a modpack :+1:

Ok nice I just installed the modpack and I am seeing alot of stuff I suggested.
Do you know if there is anywhere I can see the list of mods?

I should really do a list tbh

Astral sorcery I could never get working so I removed it I’m afraid.