Hat creation central


But i will make doppel make me one


Doesn’t count unless you forfeit me 1000 scrap


Can i join in this wager?


No fuck you doppel


4 Additions:
https://we.tl/h6fcSN4xmh That is the download link for all 4 files. Made them all in like 4 seconds.
Fuckmejerry is the pot; Fuckingpennywise is the red balloon;


The heli is more an idea of a follower but i cant make it work out right? I can go on my old server and ask around to see if they can give me that file.


Lazy ass niggaa


got bored made a hat why not20171209231259_120171209231226_1 will add file when i can fucking figure a way to @meharryp why cant i share txt files :rofl:


Dropbox is a good site to use for files to share


dropbox huh


can i just give you the txt so you can put the link up for it

honestly though harry should just let us share txt files


eh fuck it ill send it to him over discord


Orange in a glass tube for a brain, Orange moves in the tank up and spins as tho in water, Water has a moving texture, all from gmod and cs:s


3pac always was a thing lmaoo


Yhea nice hats


Allmost a Groucho Mask



+1 asome had


I have channeled the power of knowledge and strength to present these ingenious creations for the server;

– Spotlight (Mask) –
This simple creation is made of 1 prop however it does not disappoint in aesthetics. It fits perfectly around the head and looks very smooth from all angles. It is a light for all of our dark times.


– Hotdog (Hat) –
Again, It is only made of one prop however it is the Burger’s brother. It rests perfectly on the head and would satisfy any player who wore one. Also tastes nice.


– Beware Sign (Hat) –
My third and final creation: BEWARE OF DOG. This represents the user in a new light, Other players will fear anyone who wears this hat… Even you will be scared.


The ‘code’ for each one is in the pasteit link beneath each video. Sorry about that.


this needs to be added in like srsly why are you even hesitating ADD IT


I need that spotlight mask! The hotdog and dog sign also look pretty cool but that spotlight is great!