Hats with first-person spectating


Spectating someone with a hat in first-person will still show the hat


Yeah that’s annoying, makes it boring to spectate, so then I end up gambling and now I have 2 weapons and 0 scrap. I used to have a good variety but now harry’s server gave me a fucken gambling addiction and a trouble spectating the players.


Pretty easy fix; just have to check if the player’s spectator target is equal to the hats’s parent before drawing it.


I agree this is supper fucking annoying @meharryp fix your shit


Still broken @meharryp


Still still broken


This is normal


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Obama how did u know it was me


Still broken


Still broken…


Still broken


Still broken.
Harry pls fix


Typing “record 1” in console will remove all hats temporarily for that round, along with a large REC. in the top right corner, you can then type “stop” in console to remove this.