Hello, is it me you are looking for?

Admins kindly stop posting through my account. The time before this I ended up getting locked out my own account and ended up having to change my passwords as a result so it’s hardly acceptable behaviour. All it does is ensure that hate is aimed in my direction and that’s not really appreciated tbh. I hope this is dealt with in an acceptable manner, cheers.

bro did you right these theise are epic

so when is fire coming?

This is clearly a shitpost

Can we stop hacking into my account please. Can community managers please stop your admins from posting through my account. I respectfully request that this post is removed.

I believe at least 1 admin has been warned for doing this already so it’s hardly acceptable for it to carry on, cheers

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Damn dude those are some cool lyrics before it was edited did you write those yourself bro its basically #2 Dance dude so good

Never understood the meme behind green day lyrics

What if a cm did this post UwU

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Then there’s more than 1 and since it’s a democratic system you can still deal with them.

I see no reason to but okay I close post

Ni3ther I just listen to it because its good shit

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