Hello There v2

So Im making my old Introduction again and more detailed because it was kinda shit. (Ignore the fact that I play on this server now for 2 + years)
Now m
Lets get on with the tale of the Austrian that ests schnitzel for s living

Hello Im L4bell a nerd that generally speaking is actually bad at language.

I came on this server after watching some great TTT vids from a german Youtuber named Zombey.
I thaught this game was kinda cool so I bought gmod and after a bit of a search the first server I joined was Hmod.
The community was nice and peacefull I guess (beware I played like 20 mins a day)
This was before the entire new people helping system so all I did was wait in a spot for people to fucking die and take their weapons. This was a quite good strat because I remember once endong the entire server with a nobrain weapon (i think nobrsin)

After getting around level 100 I took a 2 month break (I missed awootism and that shit sadly) I came back with Sewershark being helper and with other old regulars still existing. Before Sewer left because of the demotion (I guess) he bought me VIP before slapping me to death about 4 times.
This is really how I stsrted the entire Schnitzel thing.

Now comming to one of the biggest pointd of my History…

OKK (otherwise known as “ok” zhst time) and Muffin

This is a underline of Okk I friended him because he always answerd with “General Kenobi” when using my Old but good “Hello There” joining line #okkforbestswedish

Also there I first read the rules… I learned most of it by annyoing old Staff and questioning everything.
(Things like RDM I knew because of the already mentioned Zombey TTT vids)

The Shape Wars was one of the biggest clusterfucks ever.
So Muffin made the Trigang with Triangled before their name.
So OKK tje genius made square gang which I promtly joined and kinda took over. Yada yada yada Spying and rdming eachother (mostly me and Muffin) Muffin retired from Staff marking the end of Emperor Muffin.

I reached level 300 about that time.

Oh yea some people may remember the hmod mc servers **I WON THE SPACE RACE 4 TIMES IN A ROW GET ENDED NERDS **
Yea I put a Austrian Flag on the moon.
And Muffin had to rescue me about 2 times because my rocker glitched out and I had no fuel reserved once.

About July 2019 I got OMG Hardcore Schnitzelgun Starting my p90 love.

Christmas 2019 I got alot of Attachmentd and level 500 + Infinity

I scraped most of them for my ONE MILLION GAMBLING GOAL which I reached in 3 hours @Whipandnaenae (I hope thats your acc ) is the only one thst can make fun of me for loosing all of it.

I joined Deagle CO and P90 count increased to 5
(around january 2020)

Fast foward to April 2020 and me getting level 600
I got promoted to Helper at around midnight (CET) on the German fake Waterworld which increased my play time like 4x and my levels started to increase faster and faster.

I reached about 1k hours on hmod.
Muffin the good man left hmod now well not completly but bery close to it giving away like everything exept scout and infinity.
Giving me like every exotic in existance exept abööööse and egg gun. Level 750

May 2020 level 850

Idk anymore dude level 900
Stsrted a race to level 1k with Duck Wing which I lost because I forgot im going camping.

Now here I am sitting in my bed with my half charged phone with poor grammar in the Austrian Wilderniss.

I am sorry if I left out some stuff but I just woke up
Btw 31 p90s
Servus und Guten Tag!

(Edit: I forgot how Dakka is in the History… I can say quite Annoying.)


Zombey sounds like a nerd lol I joined cause salty phish did a ttt vid

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imagine losing 1 million scrap lol


I still haven’t read the rules

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@DarkWingCuck is a nerd cant chsngd my mind

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i don cai lmao

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