Here's an actually good suggestion


People use the jetpacks to get to unreachable areas that you are not meant or allowed to get to anyways. People use the jetpacks to get to the bottom of the skyscraper, delaying the round. You can use the jetpack to take no fall damage. before, you could tell if a person was a T or not by seeing if they take fall damage. But now there’s the secondary shotgun that you can use to not take fall damage. So it’s hard to know if they person used a jetpack or the shotgun. So why not remove the jetpack?

Here’s what I think would be a good idea. What if we removed the jetpack completely? in my opinion, it’s causing more problems. You get from one side of the map to the other in an instant, a T flies above you out of nowhere and shotguns you in the face. remove the jetpack and make all the secondary shotguns give the push like the exotic one? It can be like, half as strong as the exotic, so it doesn’t make the exotic one useless. With this, you can get to some unreachable areas but not any that would cause any gamebreaking issues. I honestly think that this would make it more interesting and not this meta where people buy the jetpack every single time. If we remove the jetpack, people will try other items… Or for a possibility in the future to add more items? I’m sure that even if we would be to add more items, people would still go with the jetpack cause of how useful it is. Anyways, that’s what I think. feel free to comment.


yes very nice to get another super sawed off then sell it for 100k


all the sawed offs, even the ones that are spawned on the map would have the push. Except the exotics have a stronger push


I have a similar idea-remove jetpack and introduce the jump pack, similar too the one in Halo which means you need to watch the fall damage you take and can be used in conjunction with the super sawn off.

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I think it should be replaced with blink as it requires skill to use. but yeah jetpack OP


I think removing the jetpack would be way too drastical. I think making a kill zone at unreachable areas or decreasing the fuel capacity of the jetpack would be better solutions

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Jetpack Balance

for once heskan has a good idea. kill zones/ less fuel would be good, and we can see how it affects stuff


That would involve messing around with the map itself and when harry starts doing that shit fucks up.

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The simple addition of it requires atleast 0.1% fuel to prevent fall damage changes it massivly.
Now you can use it as a passive but requires abit of a brain to use.

Removing it seems abit much

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Make it so when you use jetpack you take fall dmg. It would require brain an thought to not die.


No need, if this needs to be done I suggested a tool a while ago that allows to easily do that ingame :


Personally, I find sawed off shotguns to be a terrible weapon, whether they are exotic or not. They’re either, obnoxious, or useless, or both.
Plus, I don’t think we should be limited to taking up one of our gun slots just for the ability to fly.


If the jetpack gets removed there wouldnt be any rdms with moonman


Just use gambler


jetpack remove bad idea >:( remove idea now!!11

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dumb idea keep jetpack the same