Heskan.exe changelog

Hello ma bois, Im back!
To make it short, I’m genuinly (I genuinly dont know how to spell that) gonna try to be less of a cunt. No more talking anything on public ban appeals (exept if I’m involved, of course) or talking shit on normal topics in general, as I really want to stay in this community.

Anyways, why tf has SuperLuke been so moist lately? Is he ok?


he has been reborn as a mildly moist sausage


Leave again thanks :slight_smile:

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Im actually having a break from Gmod rn, but if that pleases you I shall return! :]

fucking yeet a gecko at a wall, k thanks

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Nah m8, also I’ll be getting Yokai in a few months and he’s a beardie, not a gecko

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