Heskans Market

Selling the exotic SG550, M60 (60acc, 79frr, 48dmg), Sawed Oof (41dmg, 31bull, 65frr) and a SG550 (13dmg [locked on dmg], 109frr, 33rec) for scrap, a super sawed oof or good guns, but preferably scrap or sso!

And maybe some other guns as well, just take a look if im online

Also buying the new ecksotic MP5!

just trade in dual crowbars and m3 garand

I have none of those, would anyone sell those 2?
Update: i may be able to offer scrap as well!

i can sell m3 garand

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Would you sell it for one of my guns?


@MiloMuffiN sorry for pinging you but are you selling it now or not?

I’d sell you the sawed off for 50k, doubled price from the normal selling value because I actually use it and therefore, in my mind, I need a substantial amount of profit to be in the idea to even consider selling it.

Don’t continue this discussion here, message me on discord (Inster#9876)

Oh i dont need a sawed oof anymore, sry forgot to update

Already sold

This thread can be closed now i made a new one for other guns so its not that messy

Done. Good plan