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I’m looking for ridiculously fast guns, preferably with good other stats, and a solid MP5. To offer I have my 120% frr 47% dmg MAC10, pm me or write it here if you are interested!
Edit: My 110% 47% mac10 with 90% acc (legendary) would be for sale as well, but only if the offer is really good.

Admin edit - no, this isn’t okay. Don’t lie about stats on guns smdh

Heskan edit: sorry wasnt intentional it has -99% recoil and 15% reload as well but is still very good in my opinion

Second admin edit: that’s a bad gun, just saying. Also, ducks.

Third Heskan edit: depends on the map. On some its ability to kill in a split second on close range is very helpful


Also looking for Moonman idk how much it is worth


You really should include the other stats, because this is shart


Also who would buy a gun that they don’t know the majority of stats.

(pretty sure its a corrupted too)


This is not worth anything near this, a corrupted tire 3, with recoil that will break your neck, for a fire rate damage clip legendary mp5 >:(

And don’t sent trades without asking before


Small tip
Missleading players via not telling all the stats is Omega cunt move and in my eyes is light scamming.

Please amend your post with ALL the stats of the guns please. Please lay them out in a format similar to this
Selling My guns for Fast FR Guns, Preferably with other stats being good. A Solid MP5 is wanted too
Mac10 with 120% Firerate, 47% Damage, 15% Reload, - 99% decreased recoil
(Ect Ect)


Ok sorry wasnt intentionally, really. I just think of the mac10 as a very food gun even with those stats, but ok seems like I was wrong and lazy

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Thanks :]


get grammified bitch


I can gramma veri gud

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Are you selling mournman?