Holiday Hat and Mask Contest

Happy Holidays!

So in order to prepare for this year’s Christmas event, we decided to open up another contest! This Contest will run for a couple of weeks so we can add the hats/masks in the first couple days of the event.

The Rules Are Simple:

  • You can enter up to 3 times.
  • Each hat/mask counts as 1 entry
  • You must upload the pac3-exported file AND a screenshot of what your creation looks like in-game.
  • If the hat/mask isn’t broken/inappropriate it may get added in-game at the end of the contest.
  • Due to TF2 not being a required download, please avoid using props from TF2. Only use Gmod/CS:S Props

The top 5 as judged by a group of Senior Staff/CM’s will receive a prize and have their creations added. The overall winner will win an exotic hat/mask of their choice.

Contest Ends: 30th of November, with plans to add the hats that coming weekend

Have fun and get Jolly!

If you’re wondering how you go about making something click the link ==> Hat creation central -Blu :v:t2:

p.s. whoever creates the best santa hat/mask gets an additional 75k scrap



Santa hat

first hat creation

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  1. Snowman (inspired by the CSS Office version + props from it):
    Screenshot / Download

  2. Santa Claus Hat:
    Screenshot / Download

  3. Gift/Present (1 CSS prop):
    Screenshot / Download

Someone make a massive dildo hat pls cheers

So here it is(hid it inside spoiler)

And now for the more serious Entries:
I present the Naughty Terrorist Set.

First up we have the Coal Head:

coal.txt (28.8 KB)
Possible Description:
Someone’s been so naughty, so their whole head was turned into coal!

And the second one:

The Display of Naughtiness

naugthy sign.txt (6.1 KB)

Possible Description:
Someone’s been so naughty, Krampus had to display it for everyone to see.

And if both are worn together:


@Quacksey heres your winner

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Minor spelling mistake, opinion invalidated. (jk, very cool)