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Cherino's Basic Guide to Surviving on Harry's Mod TTT

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If you're reading this you either have no clue how to play or You might just want to read I dunno...

Part 1 - Trouble In Terrorist Town

TTT Is a Gamemode Created by the Community for Garry's Mod, It comprises of 3 types of Player you'll be playing as one of the three classes below,
an image of the Detective Role an image of the Detective Role an image of the Detective Role

For every 4 Players there is 1 Traitor, For every 8 Players there's a Detective in the default mode. The aim of each round is to either as Traitor, Kill all the Innocents and Detectives whilst keeping your teammates alive. Or as Innocent & Detective trying to figure out and kill the traitors before it's too late!

The Detectives are equiped with DNA Scanners to find any DNA On Innocent Bodies, Traitor Bodies or Explosives to indicate towards who's Proven Innocent or Traitor. They also have other types of tools like Radars, Body Armour, Special ammunition and others that you can figure out how they work Ingame. As for Traitors they have C4, Body Armour, Incendiary Ammunition, Flare gun and others in their Traitor Menu that they can use at their disposal to ensure the death of all players.

For these two classes their menus by default are accessed by pressing C when the round has started. If anyone wants any other questions regarding this section feel free to ask below or check the F1 Menu on the server!

Part 2 - Scrap, Weapons and Cosmetics

So, the currency on the servers is Scrap, you can obtain this from deconstructing weapons, trading weapons with other players and from recieving an amount from donating to the server. You can also obtain more Scrap by risking loosing some on the gambling section.


In the gambling section of the F3 Menu  You can find Roulette, Jackpot & Bug’s Race, these are pretty self explanatory so I wont explain them, as for Bug’s Race it’s a 1/4 chance to win with a 4x payout, 4 bugs race along your screen and whoever wins recieves the winnings.

As for Trading, you can trade Scrap, Weapons, Cosmetics, Crates & Skins. (Generally any Item in your F3 inventory) Weapons range from these colours in increasing rarity; Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold & Orange
The common name in the servers for these are T1 for one positive stat, T2 for two positive stats, T3 for three positive stats, Legendary which generally has to have 3 stats collectively over a certain percentage. Then there are Exotic items which are prestatted and have special abilities.

Generally speaking the first three tiers of rarity have two stats but have been known to have three, as for the last two rarities they always have three stats if not more. Having Corrupted on your weapon will affect it's stats either for good or bad by giving it a negative stat which will buff a positive stat.

The weapon effects are as follows; Reload speed, Firerate, Damage, Acuracy, More Bullets, Decreased Recoil, Clipsize, Increased Range & Increased Muzzle Velocity. As for most of these they explain themselves but for Range it increases the distance before damage dropoff begins to kick in and muzzle velocity lowers the damage dropoff. The Exotic weapons from the Events have special atributes too. There is now a trade-in option for T1 Exotics for a higher Tier exotic which can benefit you in other ways, The T2 Exotics are also unboxable as T1s are.

The cosmetics have four kinds of rarity, Normal, Unusual, T2 Unu & Exotic. The only difference between a Tier 1 and Tier 2 unusual is the effect it has on the hat/mask. You can tell the difference in the description of the cosmetic, a T1 will have ‘COOL HAT’ meanwhile a T2 unusual will have ‘INCREDIBILY RARE’ in it’s description. They also have stats such as Health Boost, Speed Boost, Jump Boost & Decreased Fall Damage. The Weapons and Cosmetics can be unboxed collectively from the standard loot box. If you want just weaponry or cosmetics they have their own exclusive case that will set you back a little extra scrap. The exotic hats have unique characteristics such as low gravity and things you wouldn’t get out of a normal hat.
You can also unbox skins for your weapons and these purely affect the weapons cosmetically. You can recieve these from standard crates & community skin crates.

Here is an example below of how the f3 menu looks and how to equip items into their corresponding slots!

Recently a beta of the soon to be marketplace has been added to Harry's Mod and here you may trade with other players whilst having your items automatically traded and advertised in a standardised marketplace. In order to add an item to this market you must click on your item in your inventory accessed by f3, click the sell on market button and enter the amount you want to sell it for, The server takes a 5% cut of what you want to sell it for and will be refunded if the item sells and won't otherwise.

This is a WIP If I've missed anything out from forgetfulness or being out of date feel free to correct me.


This Should be on the Main menu/Link in the joining screen as a guide

Great work. This should be made official with some work patching out the details to make it a helpful guides to newer players. people who we could use. +1

The rarity is decided by the total % of the weapon. Legendarily are 135% and above. i do not know much else.



Quick update cleaning it up and adding a few bits about the marketplace.

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Update to make it more visually appealing and some pretty pictures.

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Updated for new update & added info on the menus

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you need too update for the teir 2 exotics :slight_smile:



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