How many different exotics are there and what do they do?

Just wondering if there are any stupidly rare exotics and what do they do?

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There are just afew exoitcs. i will try go though them all. they are rolled when you get a legendary. some are better than others
Generation one
Tranq gun - Rilfe with low power that will slow on hit. silenced
Quad berrets - 2 sets of dual berretas, double bullets with a reasonable damage output
Super sawn off - Discount force of nature form tf2

Gen Two
Dual Mac 10’s -2 mac10’s very good.
Dual crowbars - 2 crowbars. Kinda good for hitting but main use is for pushing

Gen 3
Warlord - (Broken) while firing take 50% less damage. has 35% fr,dmg acc
Big bertha - wind up minigun upto 200% firerate. very bad
M3 Garand - 3 shot burst. can oneshot if you get a headshot in the burst
Panic pump - low the HP, higher the stats. Compleatly broken at 1 HP

Gen 4
Sniper shotty - A sniper but has a shotgun spread. decent-ish
Experimental MP5 - Dual MP4’s with a burst fire

Charity(currently unboxable)
Snipergs5 - Longer range you shot. the more damage
The annoyer - low damage but insain fire rate crowbar. Great for pictures
Beserker - Glock that empties its clip very quickly.

Dual super sawn offs - Very dumb
Quad super sawns offs - Suicide incarnate
Egg gun - M16 That fire explosive eggs. very rare with 5 in the game.

there are also admin exotics that are pure abuse that i dont fully know

Vampiric investigator - On ID of a body. gain 15 HP
Moonman - Gain moon gravity
Gambler - 50%+ hp. 20% damage. 50%- take 10% more damage


there’s a quad super sawn off…?

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(10 chiropractors)


Yeah but only cms and maybe inset have


Yes and it is very fun to use with moonman (I tested it when moonman first came out)

Commercial voice: Do You Want To Be Your Enemy’s Worst Nightmare?! Get Now!

Egg gun + quad sawed off + annoyer + Max speed mask (or vampiric investigator for exotic loadout) + moonman glitched infinity and become a carpet bomber from space!
Only today in a drunk Harry’s house near you!


Dual huges with a quack noise


Also there’s like 9 egg guns now

Um. The gambler takes 40% more damage if under 50% health.

Also an m1 garand that fires explosive rounds. Currently unobtainable, but will be a charity or event weapon

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