Hunger Games Server


Hello Gamers. After a few weeks of setting up i am glad to say that the hunger games server will be available on Saturday.

My initial idea for this was to make it a competition, but i feel try-hardiness will make it less enjoyable for alot of people who just wanna play minecraft so thats what this will be for now. This will be purely for fun and I personally don’t plan to hand out any prizes however if you want to set up challenges or competitions between yourselves you can do so.

There are 5 maps i have chosen for the server.


Breeze Island 2. This is a pirate cove themed map with lots of ships, islands and plenty of swimming to do whilst you try to kill each other.


Alaskan Village. This map is set in a small Alaskan town with a Lumber yard and an oil pipeline among other things.


Carbon. This is an island based hunger games map with plenty of areas to explore such as a campsite and open mineshaft. Lots of places for you to fall to your eventual demise.


Holiday Resort. A fun day out for the whole family if you discount the fact that all the rides are down for maintenance, the staff seem to have gone home early and all the other guests are trying to kill you.


Venice. A classic Italian city with lots of places to explore (and find loot) as well as some secrets to be found.

Note: the maps are largely the same on the server as they are in the download files. except where i have added enchantment tables to the centre or near the centre of the map.


  1. No teaming - There is no team function currently on the server. The game mode is supposed to be free for all. IF you want to set up a team event between groups i will see what i can do to facilitate your request

  2. No abuse of the spectate function - Currently the ability to spectate a running game is available to all. Use of this function to give players in game the upper hand in ANY way is NOT allowed. If this becomes a problem it will be removed from the server.

  3. No hacking, use of cheats or exploits. - This is pretty obvious. This is for fun not for tryhards. If you cheat you will be banned permanently.

  4. No escaping the arena. - For most maps the arena is bounded by a glass wall or dome. The only map this isnt applicable for is carbon which has a massive hole into the void. Escaping the arena to prolong the game or just to be a prick will result in a week ban.

  5. Note about deathmatch: At 20 minutes the game will teleport everyone to the spawn for a 5 minute deathmatch. During these 5 minutes you must fight each other.

The server will not be avaliable to play all the time. This will mainly be when im trying to add stuff or fix things. If the server is going to be down I will put a message in the #minecraft discord chat. If the server is down at any other point please ping me or minecraft staff members.
If there is an improvement you would like me to make to the server for hunger games please PM me in discord. More game modes will be coming soon aswell as mod pack for lucky block races.

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Yay lucky block! :]


Hahaha PrestonPlays!

Coca Cola Creeper Niggas be like


Can’t wait for when Skydoesminecraft does a server showcase!

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ooh, I used to play this mode long time ago. I’ll be there to try it out.


ah yes hunger games the mode where i used to team with people try to backstab and get my shit pushed in.


UPDATE TO ALL. Server will be available around 12-1 tomorrow. I will put the IP here and in the minecraft discord chat. It is minecraft version 1.12.1.

If your PC isnt too good with minecraft i recommend installing Optifine which can be found here: https://optifine.net/downloads .(get the latest version for 1.12.1)

To install optifine first run 1.12.1 at least once. Then download the optifine jar file and run it. image
Click install then you can find an optifine profile in your minecraft launcher

You dont need to do this but it can improve minecraft performance and it gives you extra settings for graphics not available without optifine.

Also the server is 1.12.1 but i have installed a plugin for 1.8 combat. This means that:

  • Damage values displayed on weapons in your inventory are not the same the actual damage done by the weapon. If you want more info on weapon damaged id look at the minecraft wiki.
  • There are no shields but to enable sword blocking the game spawns in a shield when you sword block to do essentially the same thing.
  • The off hand slot is deactivated.
  • I kept the cooldown on ender pearls cos im mean and dislike people who want to spam them.

Server is now available
Server IP - events.harry.gg
MC ver - 1.12.1


Will clans be allowed in the future? Maybe teams of 2-4?


Very epic mode player I’ll be sure to pop on and smash the fuck out some nerds on hmod hunger games

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