I am very sorry

Everytime I try to join the discord it says ‘Invalid invite’. I don’t know if it means I got banned as I didnt receive a message, but if so I dont know for what it would be, like I made a shitty joke and stopped as I was told to

You say I have a problem but all I see is the only solution

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post need at least 10 characters so throw it on a bbq

You have received a huge amount of warnings. You have been forum banned multiple times. You have had a huge number of chances to get your act together. You were on your last warning ages ago. Enough is enough.


Yeah apart from the last 20 times i’ve asked you to stop.

Yeah I banned you - Discord doesn’t show ban messages.

Constant and consistent breaking of rules, ignoring staff warnings and random pinging of users who really don’t want to be pinged (I include myself in that) to name just a few. I was also aware of a complaint from another user (who I won’t name, as that would be nasty) about pinging for literally no reason.



Oki doki hokey pokey

Ok I am really sorry and accept the ban. Thank you for responding.
Yeah I dont have any more to say I just see I’m fucking retarded. I don’t really understand why yesterday is the reason for it as I just saw it as a bad joke, but okay. The ban is permanent, I guess?

Also please dont turn this into shitposting, okay?
Also ccx I cant remember you saying anything to it just rhys who told me to stop (wich I did than), but I guess I just oversaw it

Do you by chance has severe autism or adhd?

If the question is serious, I never got tested but I think I have minor minor autism

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Get checked.

I mean, I don’t notice anything irl, but it seems like I just dont work in online groups


Did I just hear wa wa?

You got banned from discord for the same reason this thread’s been closed.
Shitposting. If you’re beginning to understand the frustration of it then let this
be a lesson dent head.

Lets settle the shitposting, closing until there is a good enough reason to reopen

Heskan doesn’t want it closed but please stop shitposting and stop with the fake quotes thanks

Thank you ccx, I’ll write something tomorrow

So yeah basically I’m gonna take a step back from the community for now, reflect on what had happened and think about what I can do now. I’ll still be active on mc and Hmod anyways.

Also please sell me a fast glock above 100% frr thx

I will sell you the majority of my inventory for pp if you’re interested in epic item time