I feel like shit XD


Working 11 hours in the sun. Can’t sit. Can’t get shade. Now have sun poisoning. Fun.


I can empathise, although 11 hours is a bloody long time. I only do 9 and a bit.

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Right but the crew I’m working with they go for long hours and I can’t do that. Like yesterday we went in at 6 and didn’t get to to city till 7 and that’s when we start and around 5 i couldn’t breathe right for some reason. Well since then I still can’t breathe right. And it hurts to breathe. So my health is kinda crappy rn. But they want to work long hours. Well. I can’t do that. But if it was 9 hours I can do that.

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Stay hydrated man. Hot as fuck outside now.

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If you have just started then its going to take time for your body to get used to it.Just make sure to drink plenty of water and eat good quality food and it will slowly get easier


you need to come to Mcdonalds on your break and try our tastes of america, along with some spicy cheesy nachos to brighten your day!


I’ve been drinking water like it was nothing. Lol that’s not the issue.

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Imagine going outside, lmao vitamin D bitch


Wait theres an outside world?

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