I found an easy way to describe what kind of cunt I am

I’m the kind of cunt who plays Veigar adc/apc w/ hextech glp & Glacial augment in normals to relax. (Note: The idea was my own. I did it a year before it became an off-meta pick)
I play it because:
1 I’m not reliant on the mentally impaired supports you get in normals.
2 I find Veigar’s laugh to be funny.
3 glp and glacial augment make the w reliable to hit on champions without movement abilities.


Questionable. Veigar ADC is wierd and your auto attacks are worse than your abilites but the fringe is cool. Guess you could branch out and do dumb shit. But Hextech glp is really good! goes well with a build of domination tree with eletrocute and ingeni-

You have been demoted from staff- Psycopath Who needs to be locked up from society*


i said adc to represent the role to clarify, and norms are actually mentally straining at time because of the stupidity evident in them, however veigar is silly enough that i come out laughing regardless of what happens, like a psychopath :D.

The 0/2 veigar game I got disconnected twice because a family member kept fucking with the router.

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