I got bandinoed for client-side lua that I have no idea about


Bug description:
The anticheat banned me for client-side lua, but I don’t know what would have caused that. I might have had an addon enabled that conflicted with the anticheat but I don’t know what addon that could be off the top of my head.
Steps to reproduce: I don’t know
Screenshots (If applicable):


@meharryp could you help


are you per chance using a gmod copy that has been family shared?


No. I don’t think you can go online with family shared copies.


What is a guy from the US doing in a server like this anyways? And why decide to make an appeal in a server you’ve only played for a minute, when there’s thousdands of other servers? What makes you want to come back to this server?

  1. I believe I was on here before and liked this server. My server list is flooded with russian, polish, and german servers so this was one of the few decently populated (not over-populated or empty) servers I found at that moment.
  2. Because I feel like this ban was a bit unfair, and since it was an automated anti-cheat ban, I fear this same thing might happen on other servers if I don’t find out what triggered it.
  3. Because I was on here before and I liked it. Plus, the unique features this server offers are pretty cool.


Normal server or Minecraft maps?
Also you’re not banned, the anitcheat only kicks you.


The first time I think it was the normal server. Just joined the Minecraft server and it kicked me again, this time /1232 or /1332 I think.
Rejoined normal with no manual addons and got kicked with /1276.


Just disabled all my addons and restarted. Joined Minecraft. Got kicked again.

I don’t know what’s going on.


Well, you’re probs running something in the background that it doesn’t like.