I need help


Hey everybody, I would like to know what your most recent poo looked like please just describe however images are welcome.

For example my most recent poo looked a bit like Johnny Depp.

The reason for this post is that I am hoping to become a scatologist in future and would like to study thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

(p.s this is in shitposting get it?)

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Here you go

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had a poo in bed last night scooped it up this morning for you dan :slight_smile:

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i respect your incite into the job of a fellow scatological as it is quite a respected community.
mine was quite sloppy but firm at the exact same time,which was quite spectacular.it has little specks of corn and little white strands which couldve been my hernia (yes i have semen in my ass)

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the tank equivalent of shit.


If you eat pure corn everyday so that the only thing you poop is corn kernals, do you now have an unlimited food supply? :thinking:

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Only it was even paler green and had been modified into a convertible



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You think thatโ€™s the ugly one? Try the c2.


Guys, Engineers shit tank post was a one off this is a serious topic and I please request genuine help from you all.

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Cease the Faeces posting.