I need your help!

Hi all,

I need some help from the community. If you could have any ‘taunt’ in-game, what would it be? This doesn’t have to be any specific length, although please nothing that’s racist or homophobic. Links to YouTube videos are acceptable too. Here’s my pick: Keanu Reeves is Extremely Horny - YouTube

Hit me up below with your perfect taunt! x


“Tell me how the grass tastes little man”

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the whole song



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here are some actually good ones

The benefit of this is all of these are from hmod people

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https://voca.ro/1cOVXbRCCZBH a song made of randalus dandalus’ screams, and lightbulbs in his home shattering, have fun!

Most taunts I get are good.

The Calgon Ad

How does this help you though?

Not that it matters in my case as ill never be getting vip + but the worms laugh sound… It was kind of a meme.

Just after the gunshot

we ned this

Ngl, had the exact same thought XD