I poorly spoonfed a neural network the first 100 lines of mizus hmod fanfic "ups and downs"

Uhh basically theres this neat ai thingy called textsynth, you put text in, garble comes out.
Ive decided to make it continue from “Whatever you were daydreaming about seems to have made you very happy.” Inster winked and looked down.

Inster pulled off Doctor’s shoes and slipped them back on. Inster took Doctor’s pants off. “Come on up. Let’s talk more.” Inster placed Doctor on his side and rolled off the elevator. Inster grabbed the blanket with his right hand and used it to pin Doctor against the floor. Inster pulled out his wallet.
Inster pulled out a bottle of juice from his jacket pocket. It was in case of emergency. Doctor was sitting on a couch next to Inster. They talked about the night.
Inster looked at the mirror on the wall. His eyes widened a bit as he saw something poking through the thin fabric. Inster pulled down Doctor’s shirt and sat down beside him. Inster smiled and looked at Doctor with that smirk again.
Inster looked at his jacket.
Inster pulled down the jacket again and flipped it up. He took a deep breath and stood up. He placed his hand around Doctor’s neck and gave it a gentle squeeze. Inster’s eyes blinked in thought. Inster looked around the room again, still looking. He looked down at his pants. Inster pulled them up.
Inster handed Dr the shirt. “It’s okay, we’re going to be late and you can stay.” Inster put his left hand on the door handle. Inster turned the shirt around and looked at Doctor’s body. His eyes looked over towards his body and his shoulders. Inster’s face was grim and angry. Inster grabbed a tissue paper and wiped Doctor’s eyes with it.
Inster picked up the bottle of juice. Inster put it next to the shower pipe and walked out of the room. Inster grabbed a chair and sat on it.
Tiger, Inster, Doctor, Doctor, Inster, Dr, Doctor, Inster, Tiger, Doctor, Doctor, Inster, Tiger, Doctor, Inster, Doctor, Tiger, Inster, Doctor, Doc, Doc, Doc, Doctor, Doc, Doc, Doc, Tiger, Doc, Doctor, Tiger, Tiger, Inster, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Tiger, Tiger, Doc, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger,

At that point it just kept repeating itself, what a cliffhanger. I hope this has been an educational experience for us all. Im suprised it remembered the juice tbh.


Are you sure you didn’t just write this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think i can spit bars that fly

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