I rdmed and got banned and would like to be unbanned

I have rdmed and i regret it because i am now banned on my fav server and i was hoping to be unbanned.

you need to follow the template

who banned you:

the reason for your ban:

screenshot of your ban message:

ok ill let @Such_Meme_Many_Skill have his say about you

also you need to say when you were banned btw

This is why @meharryp needs an official template for ban appeals.

ill just make it so harry can pin it since he is lazy a lot of the time :joy:

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The picture does not work, can you send it as a picture on the fourms?

it worked for me the only thing is it looks like he cropped it


Oh yeah i remember. He rdm’ed and left, then 1 minute later he logged back on and rdmed some more

Could you have banned him for “RDM x? and Leave” instead of leaving the message you did?

Sure you can be unbanned. If you rdm again you will be banned forever

No i can’t. :upside_down_face:

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Why would you hop on your favorite server then proceed to RDM a player, leave the server, rejoin the server and RDM some more players before leaving again?

You should give him a shorter ban instead of that or at least a bunch of slays.

Nah he did multiple rdms before he left the first time, then when he rejoined he rdmed 1 more person. Before he quit i thougt i’ll ban him real quick

I might talk to him about someone (me) possibly being a head of forums and handling stuff like that so he would not have to worry so much about it.