I was autoslain for RDM when I didn't RDM anyone



thats who autoslain me but i dont get it. i wasnt on 23 hours ago. that last i was on was somewhere around 18 hours ago. but not 23 hours ago. so i was given false slays for no reason. I was given a false Slay.

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Remember that when we handle reports, they can sometimes be ones that have been sitting for hours (MC is one where this happens often, though since the update it’s less). It’s very likely that you’ll have had a report against you from the previous time you were on before that.

Pretty sure that’s Kokichi. @Kokichi_Ouma



Yes i know that it can be ones that been sitting for hours but what i dont get is that when i was playing yesterday staff and helpers was online and i got off when a helper was online still so i dont get why I got a slay for RDM when it was about 5 hours later when there was a helper online? thats what im getting at though. not the fact that i could have RDM because i know i have yesterday but that was already has been solved.

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Im furious.



I have a question because I once had some saltykids report me for everything and so I had gathered I think 3 or so report after they ragequit i leave the empty server and when I come back 6 hours later I have slays with “rdm and leave” so do u expect me to stay on am empty server and wait for an admin/helper?



The system certainly isn’t perfect because good luck figuring out old reports if there’s been 1 map change.

I can’t comment on what has happened before because I might incite the wrath of a particular staff member who awakens once a month to rant about how we staff, but I can say that I’m making an active effort to not give slays for leaving if you’ve clearly answered the reports/there’s some other evidence you’ve stayed (answering the reports is enough usually).

If it happens again, let me/someone else know and we can look into it.



Hm, that’s strange. Like I said, pretty sure it’s Kokichi so we’ll see what he says on it.

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Ok. And thanks for the information on who it was because I got confused like I never seen that name before. And thanks for the help as well.



at first i wanst exactly sure which report but i was on at around 2/3 am and there was a report against you and you werent online then so after you left i dealt with the report which i had to decide at 1 if it was legit (in this case it was and not like the other reports said person made) and 2 the asnwer / dmg logs
though the time it said you were aslain doesnt exactly mean when you got the report its when the aslays were given (i dont know why it says dr ivo robotnik but it is me)

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I figured it was a later report but I don’t understand how unless it was an accident RDM which so far at that time I’ve at least done about 3 times if I can remember correctly which I doubt it was 3 so it could have been more. But I don’t remember. But I think it was keyboard who I rdm that game. If not then idk. Might been a misclick but idk anymore. I was just wondering why I was autoslain when there was a helper on as well. But I understand now. Thanks for the time to explain which fully no one had too so thanks to all who has helped. I appreciate it guys.



no problem but it was as you say an accident rdm but he didnt forgive you



Ahh. Well I figured that the person didn’t forgive me.


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