Idea of a new map! UwU!

So hello, im Titmouse aka LaMésangeMouse.
I’m unsure where to place this post, as it is a suggestion and I am very unsure about the crazy amount of ideas in my head which im not sure will work or be remotely worth having as people wont enjoy it.
Thats why ive taken the fight to the people, I need as many people to try get invloved please, I want staff if your the top top boy or just starting off(wHiP), even if your a brand new player or a long term one, all opinions and ideas have an impact on how the map will be formed and designed.
(No opinion is wrong or silly here)

I want to keep in mind this map is to be built and tweaked to fit around how harrys mod offers so many diffrent stats and plugins, like (Moonman/Shotgun jump gun/Jetpacks) they are just what affects your gravity and height when in use,
If im mentioning side items, ill inclue snipers/silencers and those treacherous goose guns, the annoying part to harrysmod some would say (ME).
Making changes to a map that work in favour of some things and work against majority of things to make it a more balanced Gmod TTT map design to be used around harrysmod machanics and plugins. plus im bored. dnt h8

This whole map design idea might no even go to plan…
but you have to start some where and I feel its best starting around the community, so if you feel you have a suggestion or an idea you would like to see a playable map form, be sure to PM me or leave a comment in a little bit of detail.
E.G.(What would you like the theme of it to be? )
Zombies? Abandoned island like Hiroshima?
E.G.(Would you like to see more t traps on the map than others?)
E.G.(Do you want to see more hidden and secret rooms to a map or would you rather it a flat open world no movement to it?)
These are just a few questions out of 100’s of them.
Be creative,
Don’t be a sheep,
I want to see a lot of diverse opinions and ideas :+1:

There is so much more to speak and say but no time or effort.
I’d like to finish this off by saying that i will be making another post, regarding all the maps through harrysmod ttt, there will be a poll to see what every ones best map is and see why to get a better understanding.
If anyone knows or is good at some form of architecture or art design, please Hit Me Up dont be shy :wink:

(This is a test idea/consept and may not be filled to full completion) results may vairy over time. T&C