Idea to help new players


What if there was rewards for reaching certain levels? For example:

  • Tier 1: You reach level 10 you get 5 loot boxes
  • Tier 2: You reach level 50 you get 5k and 10 Loot boxes
  • Tier 3: You reach level 100 you get 10k and 20 Loot boxes.

So on and so forth. Increasing the level gap and rewards for each Tier of reward you reach.
Maybe give people to option to reset their inventory and levels so they can start levelling up again. If you reset your inventory and levels after a certain level e.g level 1500 you can get access to unusual skins, a special tag for their name in the tab menu or new hats. Players wouldn’t be forced to reset their inventories or reach really high levels (I know im one of the few players that are even near level 1000) but they would have an incentive to do so and to keep playing.

What do you think about this idea?

  • Is good idea
  • Is bad idea
  • im smelly

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Have a dank meme


We need more to help push new players up a little. I like this.

…Would existing players get the tiered rewards? /s (kinda)


idk. I suppose only if they havent already reached that level.




Also regarding the inventory reset thing it would be cool if people could keep their event specific weapons (egg) or just special weapons in a secondary inventory that doesn’t get wiped, like a kind of vault. This could be balanced by making the player pay the scrap value of the weapon plus some extra (e.g. 20%) to keep it in there and then to cost like 50% of the scrap cost to remove. which means you cant access your OP stuff as soon as you reset your inventory.


This is where competitive stuff could be useful as well. There could be different leaderboards for a section of players with a similar level. like most online apps tend to do. Rewards for most kills, most MVP’s etc.


might as well make it based on stat 1%dmg = 300 scrap or something
make your mind up for the rest
and also keep a limit from how many weapons you can take at a time
about 8 excluding unusuals


I’m furious.


If 1% DMG is 300 scrap my inventory is going to be very expensive to keep…

Jokes aside, I think this can be very good to keep the new guys from leaving the server.
Although about the inventory reset and locking the OP guns behind a vault could easily be bypassed if you have someone you trust to have your guns. So it might be rigging the system to get the rewards…


He’s furious.




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I don’t like it because the levels are too low, if the levels were higher it would be ok i guess


graphics are bad too


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