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Everybody has rough patches. I’m no stranger to them myself (no prizes for guessing based off of how I act).

I appreciate the help you gave me on my journey, and I wish you good luck on yours.

I’m crap at these things


Stuff happens. No-one goes through life feeling 100% all the way through, good luck bro.


Good luck Cranger man.

We all make mistakes, we are human after all. Even I do terrible things I regret. But just as you can see the good side of me, I see the good side of you. You are a good man that has made some mistakes and you must acknowledge that.
You have helped me in the past when I was feeling down and I appriciate that. I don’t see you as a fellow player on HMOD or some guy I met, I see you as a friend.

It is sad to see another great member of the community go. But I will not be sad that you are gone. But I am gonna be glad that you were here in the first place.

Good luck in the army. I hope that we can still contact eachother on Discord and stay good friends.
See ya,


Good luck with the future ahead of you-I will miss my inevitable death of your broken shotguns whenever your traitor
See you later bud


Although i dont, and possibly will never know what you have gone through, i sincerely hope it will get better soon. I’ve been through rough times myself too, and it didn’t end well, so I hope you will do better than me. Playing with you was a lot of fun, so it’s sad to see you go, and I hope you will come back some day. (and if your leaving the server has anything to do with going to the army, hope you will be safe there)
Sincerely, Ivan


You did good Cranger.

Best of luck where ever you go. Stay safe.



All the best, next time you see a duck - think of me screaming. xxx


Farewell Chief!
The server, including me, will miss you!
It is so sad to see 2 great members of our community (Cranger and Delfox) go in such a short amount of time. Just come back whenever you can and good luck in the army, don’t let those furrys get you. I hope that this server won’t die without you two, but I don’t think so. This server will go on and one happy day you and maybe even Delfox will come back.
Feck I’m so sad right now. Did’nt think this could even happen here.

(and maybe post on the forums here and there if you can!)


Could you maybe make updates on how you’re doing and what ya’ll doing in the army?
By the way you can access the forums from your smartphone as well! I just made this whole post from mine.

Even tho I’m not that active on the servers as I play a lot of R6 and stuff, l’m on this forum at least twice a day, so it’s quite important to me. So yeah, don’t leave us completely!

Heskan, this few months will be his boot camp/job training, he probably won’t be on much and would prefer being with family instead. depending on his job in the army he might not be able to tell anyone what he actually does in the army.

For example, I’m getting recruited in 4 months, I know my job but I’m not being told what kind of work I’ll be doing and in the army I won’t be allowed to tell with what I’m working.


Okay, as I live in germany, I did’nt know that! How long is such a training? I mean, “End of the road” sounds like till the end of mankind to me

It normally takes 2 years and 8 months for guys.


depending on the job requirements, if the job is very difficult as in physical the boot camp training will be long and hard focusing on the way of handling the rifle in longer distances as well with different scopes and they’ll teach you how to defend yourself as well as obeying the chain of command, if his job will be more of a desk jockey type of work then he’ll probably have the basic training of how to handle a rifle and how to obey orders, then he’ll be moved into another base where they’ll train him on how to do his job properly.


Good luck buddy. I can say that you’re one of the consistent few people that I like on the server. Eager to help and a decent guy through and through. Stay safe.



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Kill some Palestinians for me and green3


Well, thats long. Don’t forget us, Cranger! And join us when your back, even if it’s in 2 and a half year idc this server will survive that long!

Snipe some ducks to offend CCX, and maybe stay on the forums!

Cya, ma boi Cranger! Be save around furries and yer, well, hope to hear of you soon!


Btw, how long will you be gone than?


I’m the last one being incorporated, in approx. 4 months and my service is like cranger and dadilido’s 2 years and 8 months but each one of us has a different function in the army, you can ask privately if you want to know more but I won’t say what will be my function, security reasons.