In a search of good Tatoos


Soo, long story short, i decided to make a present for myself as a part of New Year celebration in form of Tatoo.
I need a good ideas from you.
It will be a wrist tatoo.
(Please without jokes about aimbot :smiley: )
Thanks =)


(Please without jokes about aimbot :smiley:)

Well there goes my ideas.

How about a brand tattoo, “Red_Line Industries”, down the side of your arm /s


Wrist tattoos are way too small, and are super painful. But if you are serious, find something unique that means a lot to you- don’t just get something generic


I know it’s painfull) It doesn’t bother me at all.
There are a lot of big tatoos on wrists. Just need to find one that will suit me.
No i am not trying to get that kind of tatoo.
I just want some ideas, and base on that i will make my decision.


What CCX said. something that means something to you. Mostly like a date or something like that. Or a symbol that you like.


What I meant was, the wrist is one of the more painful ones. I actually didn’t feel much pain at all when I had my two (soon to be 3) done. Words/song lyrics/logos are overdone.


Fuck no, one of the worst tatoos. Same as getting tatoo of the loved ones.
That is so retarded.
I want something that looks like that

With such kind of colors


Get a huge picture of Harrys face so you are reminded of the server every time u look at it


mario kart related


If you want for a type of tatoo that dosn’t remind you of anything, you should get an owl or something, I don’t know.


Get a singular slice of cheesecake.

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