Increased lootbox odds are now live!


It’s the most anticipated event of the year! Rather than spending time with your family at Christmas, why not waste your life opening lootboxes on HarrysMod? From now until December 28th, odds of getting unusuals, tier 3s, legendaries and exotics have doubled. You’ll also get a christmas gift lootbox for each round you play, and presents are more common than before. Happy Christmas!


Increased lootbox odds are now disabled.
Thanks for almost breaking the inventory, lads! :smiley:



Tell that to Ivan and CCX.


Don’t forget about Sidfed.he was also doing that too.


No, mine makes my game crash sometimes now lol


Sidfed… sure lets go with that


Listen XD I was tired when I typed that lol. So I didn’t really think about the name all that much. I missed spelled it. But only two letters was missing. Cut me some slack XD. But sorry about that lol