Inserts Event's (Pre-season)

Even though i may be ONLY event aprentice and my antics of hosting dumb shit on TTT is the best thing i can do, here comes some events to win scrap in TTT!

All you have to do? Pick what events you want and they MAY happen!

Here is the list.

Competitive DBD

Players team up in groups of two. you can choose to become an official KILLER if you choose not to be a survivor AND have proof of reaching rank one (earlier the better).



You will be playing for Blood points. Highest combined blood point totals after the game wins the round. This is best of 3.

You may hinder the other team via sandbagging or Farming of hook but be warned as its blood points you’re after.

Survivors must wear the base cosmetics and must match, have a 1st pick then a 2nd pick in case of the teams having the same 1st pick. (Claudette is banned).

Each team may ban a perk for a total of 2 banned perks for the killer. You MUST run Decisive strike.

You cannot use the same perks as your teammate, this is not the case for decisive strike.

Each team can ban ONE killer. The map is random

Per team you may choose to have

  1. yellow flashlight (no addons)

  2. yellow med kit (no addons)

  3. Yellow toolbox (no addons)

For offerings you may choose one tarnished coin OR one shroud of union.


If you are chosen to be a killer, you must be impartial.

You cannot

  • Chase a survivor after when unhooked UNLESS she is touching a gen, Healing someone or has been 60 seconds. You may down the hooked survivor if the survivor your chasing unhooks the person on the hook - you may not hook them - however.
  • Face camp or tunnel a survivor
  • Mori or hold the game hostage

You will ban 2 survivor perks from use.

Your addons can only be up to yellow grade or ONE purple quality add on.

Round 1 – Harrysmod Competitive Game. (Hosted by Insirt Blenk Hur)


(Gun Allowances)

Set 1

All guns allowed. Choose your loadout beforehand, it is then locked and you cannot change what you use.

Set 2

Exotics and corrupted guns are banned, you may freely Switch what you wish

Set 3

Legendries/Purples are banned, you may Freely Switch what you wish


Gain Points for performance


3 Point per T kill


2 Points Per round win

1 point for a Det kill


3 points for a Traitor kill

1 Point for Surviving

MVP – Gains 1 point.

Minecraft Hunger games

Be the last man standing
(rules are kind of explanatory tbh)

Warframe mission speed running.

Choose a frame and any loadout.

Run specific missions as fast as you can.
Fastest time wins
Will be done in heats best of three. losers go into loses bracket. Winner takes all.
Missions will be chosen at random, will only be Capture/Exterminate/ And rescue.

Here is where you vote. One vote = one participation agreement in the future, you may pick multiple events, you may EVEN suggest events below.

  • DBD
  • Warframe
  • Compeitive TTT
  • Minecraft Hunger games

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This isnt offical yet, and the rules are subject to change. feel free to suggest more below for the offical posting


Votes are in, expect SOMETHING in the future (next or quite possibly NEXT weekend)