Intro: Charizard

Yo, Charizard

Fairly new to gmod/TTT, been on the server a month or so now pretty often
Been gaming for a long while, generally hop from game to game when bored

Saw the forums, thought fuck it why not, IMHO discord is better in the majority of cases, but forums are useful nonetheless so i made an account




Welcome to the ghost town that is the Hmod forums :joy:

Ahoy! Welcome to the forum.
I deagle-duel with this guy when the server is quiet. Good chap.

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hello charizard

hey welcome to rhe forum dont pist stupid shir pls

this guy seems like he could be a helper


when outro?

why did you ban me for eternity >? Iā€™m not new to TTT you banned me for cheats? did it feel good?

yes it did feel good, we are all starving for fun so we just ban random people and call them cheaters. please dontz tell the others xo xo


Ayo sup homie

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unban him he has served his time

(im a lawyer)