(Intro) French on UK server ? -by a French guy

Sup cringe people,

French drunk guy here.

Nationality: French
Age: French
Gender: Baguette

I only play on genesis cause main is CRINGE. I rename all of my guns by dumb names of French stuff or poking other people (sup PIT). Also like to do the dumbest shit possible on the server ( personal record of 3 karma ban by C4’s).

Also your all cringe.
Au-revoir, bisou <3



K sir, wanna learn French ?

Leçon numéro un: j’en ai rien à foutre.

Je nais comprend pas. Parle vous Anglais?

Je ne sais pas mon ami, pouvez vous me dire si je parle cette langue.


Fr*nch bleugh

That brihish cringe

any french music suggestions? I’ve been trying to get into more international music. I like MC Solaar but idk how relevant he is

why do you live in dubai

Not any more salope

also I fixed this for you

Thanks, that a pain in da ass in less

where are you based now then wtf

On France dumbass :confused:

never would’ve guessed

Ya see right

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