It's survey time! (Free lootboxes!)


It’s been a whole year since I sent out the last survey, so it’s time to do another one! This year has been pretty insane for HarrysMod, and most of the highlights of this year like the market and exotics all came from suggestions you voted on last year.

Answer the survey (with valid answers) and you’ll get 5 free lootboxes sometime in the new year! I’ll also be giving away a special exotic to 2 people* for every 100 responses the survey gets, so make sure you answer it!

* You must be at least level 20 to be eligible for the giveaway.


i came back just to fill this shit out <3


you guys better give the staff team a 5


lmao they are a 2 at best i nearly put one if it wasnt for Foster comnig back and raising my spirits


Kinda hard to give out 5’s when about 70%-80% of them never come on! :stuck_out_tongue:


True , maybe I should come on more frequently



Survey time


By popular demand I’ll be giving away an egg gun to two people who replied to the survey! If you haven’t made a reply yet now is proberbly a good time to do so.


Egg gun is amazing but not many of them out there. Hopefully there will be more than 5.


If i get a exotic i’m buying vip.
Do you really want to pass up the opportunity
of getting money for your binge drinking?

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When do i get my new egg gun?


Gimme boxes harry


cock and ball torture