J-Cup VIP renewal appeal


My names Jacob my IGN has been; TheBeeKeeper, FPSBoyZ, LilXan and more recently, J-Cup.
I’m a very old player who played a very long time ago and has recently began again. Last time i used to play a lot and purchased VIP. After recently playing again I’ve lost my rank, scrap and guns. But more importantly my VIP rank. Was just wondering if I could get my rank back.
Thank you for any advice.
Jacob Ireland


@meharryp your assistance is required.


CCX I remember you for example not sure if you recognise me.


If you had VIP on any HarrysMod before the 2017 version it won’t carry over to this server. If you’re talking about an alt account that you used to have stuff on, send me the SteamID of both your accounts along with proof and I’ll look into it.

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