Jetpack Balance


Continuing on from Aldron’s post I have decided to create a poll on what to do about the current balancing issues with the Jetpack
.Feel free to give anymore ideas on how we can change things to improve current balance issues.

  • Remove Jetpack
  • Nerf Jetpack
  • Leave Jetpack as it is
  • get a life cunt

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My only problem is the ammount of manoeuvrability you get on a ranged map with a shotgun, although detectives and the traitor just being behind nothing do counter this, It can be hard to fight them.


If they have a shotgun, all you gotta do is listen to the sounds and shoot faster than they do. Also, Ds and Ts are supposed to have an advantage like this


no they arent ? just git gud at game scrub


you’re all too cowardly to pick nerf jetpack


They all rely on it too much on their T/D rounds

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not everyone does. its now like one of the 5th things I buy as a t and only really get it on maps that are large so I can hunt people who are on the other side of it (like 67th)


Ye but most people do


It should recharge fuel slower

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Good idea actually!