Jetpack nerfs/removal

I just got back into TTT after a number of years and luckily my first server back was Harrysmod server. Even before moving from TTT, good servers were hard to find so I feel like I’ve lucked out on this one. The one problem I’ve had as well as some others seeming to have problems) is the jetpacks. They really upset the balance of the game and can be really frustrating as on quite a few occasions already, T’s have had to out themselves completely trying to shoot someone down or people have just flown right over traps that people have set up. Top that off with people just having a birdseye view of the map, being able to spot shootings and zoom right over to a scene that was previously empty to gun someone down and it feels incredibly unbalanced. I feel like removing them could be an answer or even better, limit how much they can be used on a map with a fuel guage, like how fire and shock ammo for Ds and Ts works. Zipping about in the sky, including teh natural lag that comes from Garry’s Mod and high prop servers/maps just breaks it.

I’m glad you’re enjoying our servers.

This is already a feature of our jetpacks.

We do also have some weapon attachments/hats that imitate flight; super bullets, and moonman. Both of which also have limitations. Both of which are also actually considerably rare, and scattered throughout the player base of the two servers. It’s also worth noting that while these are made available to all players, the jetpacks are only accessible/purchasable from the Traitor and Detective menus.

All of these flight based mechanics have been carefully considered over the years. And yes the jetpack was rather op without the fuel limit, but they are currently, a rather integral (and popular) part of the Harrysmod servers. From my understanding of what you have described, it seems that you have mistaken our flight based weapon attachments/hats for jetpacks. You may have also been unfortunate enough to encounter a group of players with those extras, which admittedly does mean you have to adapt your play style, but it isn’t usually the case when those extras are such a rarity.

Also, if you appear to be having lag issues with the jetpack, then that would most likely be on your end, or may have coincidentally occurred at the same time as some players’ lag inducing weapons.


I’m not sure how rare these actually are. Every game I have played thus far has had at least two people zooming about over traps and out of gun range with ease. One game I played even had five players just fly over a trap I had set up. If it is multiple items giving them this ability, that still feels rather overpowered to me.
Popular as they are with people that do have them, for those that don’t or simply don’t want to be flying about and not really playing the game they do feel pretty out of place, again, in the few times I’ve played in the server I’ve heard multiple people complain about them mid game.
Perhaps fuel should be implemented towards the flight based items as well, or the speed reduced so that they don’t give such a huge advantage over those that don’t have the items. Gun add ons from what I’ve seen are balanced to have negatives alongside positives ie longer range with slower firing speed or increased damage for a wider spread.

like picksie said it has a fuel limit and it use to stop fall dmg which was changed making it alot more balanced.
the items are rare as you said

these players are likely people who play often and a lot which lots of playtime are usually rewarded (if rng is on their side) with good items such as a moon man or super bullets, not to mention trading.

if jetpack was removed it would put a lot of people at a greater disadvantage as people can still fly around but new players cant.

also trying to code stuff that is affected by what you have equipped is hellish to make not to mention all testing can only be done on the live server so it wouldn’t end very well and could just make it worse or waste time.

The problem on Genesis is that Super Bullets are just too good to not run. If someone has it, it’s worth running. It’s a really stupid exotic that’s been nerfed multiple times and still is causing issues. I can testify that it’s incredibly common - every single round I’ve played on Genesis has involved some form of flight, though unlike main Moonman isn’t as common as the other forms. This has been an issue on main, it’s an issue on Genesis.

If I had my way I’d be smacking all of it but people cry when you do that (:

bring back no fall dmg with jetpack :(((((((

bring me back instead

nerf it bec it is too op

hold on were you the cunt responsible for nerfing sso/moonman

it was a justified nerf

Oh yeah this post. I didn’t nerf SSO/Moonman back in the day (Harry did that), but I was an advocate for it. I do want to touch on something actually…

All of these flight based mechanics have been carefully considered over the years.

Lol no they haven’t. Super Bullets exists. Pull-90 shouldn’t exist but we threw it out anyway and just made it incredibly shit. We did not put as much thought into them as people think lmao.

If there was a way to reduce the amount of forward momentum you can gain with jetpack, that would be pretty pog. As it stands its pretty easy to gain a lot of speed just by hovering over the ground and zip across the map

They’re REALLY annoying

I don’t think the jetpack should be removed :slight_smile: