John's shit (Dumb suggestions everywhere)

More ways to get crates? Like gun levels, player stats (like every 20 kills or 5 wins you get a standard crate). Some random events that reward crates/random gun when won. More gambling options like a spin to win with a total jackpot. A counter for total crates opened, legendaries unboxed, purples unboxed, scrap spent etc.

As for the biased weapons from the same time as corrupts, maybe a gun with one high stat (50-150%) with all other stats having the range of -50% to -150%. For example a HUGE with 75% damage but -150% recoil and -50% mag size

Make a Deal or No deal Crate game, 5 unmarked crates, you open one with a chance to win scrap ? I dunno

Easy way to get crates?
Get good, you’ll get a mvp lootbox every round

Just no, weapons can already get pretty overpowered, and this just makes it worse(also do you think someone would ever use a 250% recoil huge lel)


Right now its balanced and balance is everything 69-this represents Jing Jang

Please don’t bump such old posts.