Juke box empty?


Bug description: Juke box not displaying any songs
Steps to reproduce: Open the jukebox and go to play song
Or just stay where u are if a song is playing
Screenshots (If applicable):
Nothing in the List of songs you can play

Nothing in the queue while a song is playing

No errors in console when opening the jukebox
No errors in console when switching to play song (upload://ivQavgZ8D21SLmMg8bVGkIC72GV.jpeg)

This glitch does effect others and does persists after reinstalling and disabling and enabling chromium

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rejoin a bunch of times and it usually goes away


rejoined 5 times didnt work


Oh, Wait the Jukebox was supposed to be in hmod?
I thought it was just a glitch in itself.


I relate to this its always like this for me


Will there be a fix for this?


it would seem that only staff higher than helper can see the song list