Jukebox broke


Fix Jukebox
Currently only staff higher than helper can see any songs

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Tried on my alt and works fine


I’ll check again tomorrow but it hasn’t been working for me and I know that others have the same problem


song queue while [JUKEBOX] Now playing La de da de da de da de day oh, requested by Aldron


also nothing in logs


Wasn’t working for me today


When I was helper, I wasn’t able to see the songs, but now that I am staff I can see them just fine


If you want to listen to music just use yt or spotify, there is only shite meme songs on the jukebox as all the VEVO ones get blocked for copyright(Chromium branch never worked for me)


But you can force everyone to listen to them!


Smh just turn jukebox off

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Or be an epic pirate and steal songs from yt using Yt-now downloader and an online mp3 converter :pirate_flag: >:]

And than be like ccx and micspam it!


the jukebox either works or it doesnt
and i dont know why


Gmod update may have fixed this


Did it tho?


just because you are jealous of my mic spam power…


I have a voice changer now.