Jukebox VEVO fix

  1. Right click Garry’s Mod in your steam library and click properties
  2. Go to the betas tab and enter iloveawesomium in the password box (if the password doesn’t work move on to the next step)
  3. Select the chromium option from the menu
  4. GMod should download an update now, once it’s done you should be good to go.

You might need to switch back to the standard branch if you want to play on a gamemode like Cinema or use the media player addon as this is pretty experimental and has been in beta for a very long time.

Patch notes 12/02/18
Cant login to server


I have this and doesnt work


Echoing Badger - this no longer works




Ah Balls I didn’t read the thread until after I commented :frowning:


i am reviving this topic so that people can FIX THE JUKEBOX FOR THEMSELFES