Just what i think

I just want to report this… I dont know the names of the players becouse i didnt do screenshot but i know there are lots of players doing ghosting…

And people who is doing always random report should get banned/slayed…

And please we need more staff… Lots of rdmers who they dont get banned and when new players joing the server they only find players with op guns ( 50% dmg … ) and its a bit boring for them…

Thanks for reading my post <3

if its not broken dont fix it

server has been alive for quite a while so stop moaning

Dj Dyslexia

i just said what i think so shut up thanks :slight_smile: I didnt say its a bad server just saying think what i think…

In instances where you see this kind of thing, there is the report feature for when staff are online (which is more often than you actually assert).

Failing this, a few screenshots with your F12 key, and you can follow the guidelines here. Of course, making use of the !report feature and checking logs (and screenshotting them) will aid you in obtaining information like steam ID and their name (especially if they have quit).

This is an incentive for players to stick around and get a hold of the items that they see, rather than the same old “run around and grab” you see in other TTT servers. Does it make the earlier days more difficult? Possibly, but ultimately it becomes more interesting and opens up much more opportunities for players in terms of trading, gambling and building stronger community foundations.

You alright Doppel man?

you alright paddy man

is this going to ever be closed? Ie: Please close this

we don’t have to worry about closing the old ones till mongs post on them. like you just did. REEEEEEEEEEEE

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