L4bell gone 🦀

Hey nerds, as you may have noticed I’ve been very inactive and not very Helpfull as a Staff member or really as a normal Player.
So I’ve decided that I will retire as a Staff member to give more people a chance for the position that deserve it.
With the Inactivity I kind of “muffined” myself by playing alot in a long span of time exhausting myself and making the game not really fun anymore. I hoped with the release of Genesis the changes would make it more fun again but that didnt really happen for me.
Not to mention IRL problems I had which some staff members know about.

I will probably go dark in harrysmod and lurk a bit so if you need anything or want to ask me something please just dm me on Discord and not @ me on the hmod server or something.

I hope I made people laugh or improve the gameplay exeperiance for the time I was playing and wish everyone here a good year.

See you probably not very soon

Ya L4bell the idpot in person


You will be missed, cheers for being a good staff

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Fuck gifs dont work


I’ll miss you Schnitzel

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I will love and miss :frowning:

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God speed son

Enjoy a schnitzel filled retirement

;( who will kick me now everytime i join? ;(

Thanks for being a good one chief. I’ll DM you periodically with inappropriate insults.

Large text.

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