Lag + Hitreg changes


I’m currently working on improving the lag and hitreg. These changes are only on main right now but they’ll be on Minecraft if the tests go well. For players with slower internet you might experience more connection issues or just slower internet in general while playing on the server, but as long as you can stream 1080p video you shouldn’t notice anything (other than less lag). I’ll also be playing with hitreg soon to see what can be done to improve that.


What about ping does ping matter? I have 300ping consistently


Harry did u just do these changes because of foster?


It’s more about bandwidth than ping


The main reason lots of people haven’t been playing is because of this so good job harry, Yeah man


Uhmmm so its worse now?


from what I understand your internet speed may be lower on other applications while you’re connected to the server but it should improve ingame performance


Ok that makes much more sense yeah my bad lads


Some of those hitmarkers are way off and sometimes if you headshot someone with a shotgun or m3 they take no damage or less damage than normal


Hell yes use my 100mbits/s


Just pushed the new hitreg changes to main. If you notice any of the following

  • Shots not registering
  • Too many shots registering
  • Shots doing more or less damage than they are supposed to
  • Dodgy animations
  • Gun sounds playing more than they should

Drop me a DM with a video of what’s happening and a description of what you were doing when it happened.


100mbits/s only? that’s cute xD


I’m still going to blame everything on hitreg, fix it all you want :wink:


shut up this is 3 months old


2 Months, 30 Days, 16 Hours, 35 Minutes.

Don’t tell lies.


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