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Hey, so there’s some really, really big changes that you all need to know about to stats that have just happened. Basically stat scaling before had an issue where certain stats and corrupted stats could total 100% power and as a result have their actual stat set to zero. If that went completely over your head, here’s a video of a 100% push force crowbar:

After finiding this out I looked further into it, and it turns out that multiple stats have been significantly over-performing since HarrysMod started. Another issue with this is that negative stats on some corrupted weapons were debuffing too hard.

For example, an M16 with 50% Damage boost would have it’s damage changed to 32 from 21, a difference of 9.
The same gun with a -50% Damage boost would have it’s damage changed from 21 to 10, a difference of 11.

Ideally the amount deducted should be the exact same for both negative and positive versions of a stat, but in reality this wasn’t happening.

The following stats were affected by this change and will have effectively been nerfed as of today, with their negative versions being buffed:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Decreased recoil
  • Increased firerate
  • Increased clip size
  • Decreased push cooldown

Any stat that was not on this list, with the exception of Increased range and Increased muzzle velocity, has had it’s negative version buffed.

In addition to this, I’ve increased the effectiveness of Decreased recoil and Increased accuracy by 60%. The other stats may receive another buff soon depending on feedback I get from you guys, so make sure to let me know in Discord and on the forums what you think of these changes.



Paddy is probably furious.



You better fucking believe I’m furious.

But this is fine.



A lot of people are (rightfully) confused about how this worked, so I’ll try and explain it better.
Previously the number on the gun did not properly represent how much the stat was changed by. For example, a gun with 50% increased firerate actually had 100% increased firerate. This got even worse for weapons that were corrupted, with weapons at the top end having up to 300% increased firerate, which was completely unintended. The numbers on the guns have been changed and now correctly represent the value that the weapons stat has been changed by.


A gun with 100% increased firerate will have just that- 2x firerate compared to the base gun.
Previously, if a gun had 100% firerate, the gun would have ~10000x increased firerate compared to the base gun.

I’ve also buffed every stat that was changed by 100% now, which means high end guns (~50%) will be just as powerful as they were before. Guns with lower powers than 50% will also be stronger than they were previously.



And if you like graphs for some reason, here’s one showing how the new curve works

The red line represents the old system, the green is for the new system, the blue line is the point where they stop lining up.

Previously (red line) to get firerate I would use this formula

firerate = firerate_original * (1 - power)

Now (green line) I use

firerate = firerate_original / (1 - abs(power))



yay accuracy increased



Sorry if I’m being dumb but what does abs mean?



Absolute value, basically if the number is negative then it becomes positive

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The stats are now correctly represented in the inventory text, but the actually gun has not been buffed? (Just talking about this specific forum post, not the previous buff)

and just wow, harry’s mod has changed so much since I’ve been gone for the past year.



depends on what stats you have, any gun with over 100% firerate now is a nerf, anything below that is a buff


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