Le server is le fucked

update fucked up: inventory is fucked guns fucked EVERY THING IS FUCKED and i got karma banned even tho Ivan set everyone’s karma to 9999! HARRY HELP :laughing:


gonna go play some minecraft boys :laughing:

Sry I dont speak le surendér

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Ah shite brb ima get a snail from me gardén and eat that biaçh

Õm nõm nõm, crønchy.
Also y is this a bug report?

Cuz it was then shite went back you lil quest song croissant boi

Why are you speaking baguette

CROISSANT! :croissant:

I do not accept the french tanks as payment, please send German or British tanks to pay your debt.
K thx

wee wee baby croissant to your doorstep