Level 700 Yeet


Yeet just reached level 700. Next month will be my year anniversary playing on the server. Love this server and most of the people on it. Maybe I will start to aquire some actual skill insted of playing like a level 1 lmao. Does anyone have any tips on gaining skill with different weapons? I seem to be stuck on just snipers at the moment


Being stuck on snipers is still better than being stuck on shotguns
but play with a weapon for a while and you suddenly become worse in other weapons till you played said weapon enough again
dunno why


You soon develop tactics for each type of weaponry which make you tougher to beat. I’ve mastered Shotguns, rifles, ak’s and pistols but it’s a process. Play a weapon frequently and you’ll gain consistency.


level 800 somethin+. Still shit at the game, skill not required



Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


Skill only matters on low levels after that op guns will do most of the work




i have op guns and am one of the highest level yet i am shit. your move liberal

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