List of Exotics

Infinity - Constantly regenerate reserve ammo for both your weapons.

Moonman - Gives you moon gravity!

Vampiric Investigator - Identifying bodies restores 15% of your health

Gambler - While above 50% health, deal 20% more damage. While below 50% health, take 40% more damage.

Gun attachments

Big Bertha Repeater - Hold down the trigger to slowly increase the firerate

Laser module - A precise laser dealing extreme damage against heads. Regenerates energy when not in use.

Buckshot ammo Converter - Your rifle now shoots Buckshot.

Tranquilizer Bullets - Trough use of tranqlizer darts, these bullets slow animals (or humans) on hit.
Slightly reduces fire rate. Can only be applied to rifles or crowbars.

The Big Iron - Slow firing weapon of justice, hitting your target re-fills the clip. Missing causes a massive reload.

Stress Pump - The lower your health, the higher your gun’s stats. This gun is near worthless near full HP.

Plan C - C4 on a crowbar with a pressure sensor, The last option. Deals more damage the low HP you are.

Cupid bullets - Aim for the heart as these bullets only deal maximum damage to the body. Targets below 25% HP die and you heal for 75hp. Slightly faster Deploy speed.

Another Crowbar - You now hold two crowbars at once.

Leeching trigger - Base gun gains extra damage and accuracy with lifesteal, but uses your health as ammo.

tmtrainer module - Isaac and his mother lived alone in a small house on a hill.

Super Bullets - Bullets so powerful they propel you backwards. Force scales with firerate, damage and bullets. Can be applied to all guns.

Duck Gun - Happy birthday CCX!

EpicHugeFIx - Turns your Huge into an epic weapon, use with care!

Easter Bullets - This weapon fires exploding duck eggs instead of bullets, works on assault rifles

The Power Of God And Anime - May Crash The Server On Use

Feel free to add other exotics to this list.
(Dakka edit to put the hats in one section to avoid confusion)

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Duck gun description is old, this has changed

there are at least 2 missing

It would be nice if you could list those missing so that people can see them

If that was done, people would know when they had achieved everything and stop playing because I’m still around. We simply can’t have that.

Sorry, I don’t exactly get what you mean

Good. Keep it that way.

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