Lol Cherino Bye

I’ve decided I’m gonna disappear again for another half year, no real reason for me to give reasons as I’m quite vocal about it anyway. If Harrys mod is even alive in 6 months time do expect a return, and if you’re not there, cheers :slight_smile:

Farewell Gamers

Fat F for Paddy and those out to kill me


oh. This isnt cool

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Hmod better be alife in the next 80 years

Everyone take note - I banned Cherino for having opinions about bad staffing.


Enjoy your break, and I hope that is still live in 6 months.


i genuinly dont know if this if 4 real or not, but if so than have a nice break!
also i genuinly dont know how to spell genuine and i dont even give a duck

also seriously now, why should hmod die? everyday i see new people join, and a few days later i even see some again with a higher level! the only reason it could die would be less and less ttt players, but i think that those who like it rn will rpobably like it forever, but of course everyone will take breaks here and there, some longer and some shorter

shut up heskan


tfw the majority of your leaving thread is about heskan’s antics.


I hope you have fun playing some other epic games gamer .


So long gay bowser

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